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The Political Party. 'for the people, by the people;
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The Political Party. 'for the people, by the people;
Africanist Regeneration Movement


Throughout the world, whether it be the Europe's in the late 50’s and 60’s, Brazil, Venezuela, all the changes for the good of the people, came through the power of an agent moving the people.
South Africa has lost the agent to move the people, it used to be the ‘Struggle’ and the Trade Unions, but since 1994 we have lost the agency to move our poverty groups.
Through ARM, the people will become our agent.

Pieces of ‘paper’
Since 1994 South Africa has continually introduced pieces of ‘paper’. permits, licenses, qualification’s all aimed at protecting the consumer:

This protection comes at the cost of the informal sector/poverty economy in our country.

ARM will use the power of the peoples vote to reduce the pieces of ‘paper’ that is aimed to developing a formal society at the expense of the informal.

We need not fear anarchy, everything will be structured, step-by-step, and the transfer of wealth will be achieved through hard-work.

All we ask for, is the opportunity and space to achieve.

Fires have ripped through this country, some have been hurt more than others, today, the new growth is starting to regenerate, the youth, ready to develop our country, with a few old trees like myself, our elder brothers and sisters, we will provide the shade and guidance and experience that the new growth needs: Our Mantra is, we will build our lives without ever asking “who lit the match?”

ARM Targets, 66.6% of the Electorate in 2014

If the people of South Africa wish to stop crime, the scourge of drugs, corruption, while we are addressing the Economic Freedom, we need a ‘majority vote’ large enough to change the constitution.
We need to slightly modify the rights of the criminals, that extend into our communities during the act of perpetration.

ARM HEXAGON; 6 sides to change in our country:

ARM fully supports human rights for all people.
ARM will modify minority rights, as per the wishes of the majority of the people.
ARM will convert South Africa’s prisons into rehabilitation centers, and those who are considering a career in crime, they will have no desire to be incarcerated.

Crime Intelligence will become a priority in our country.
ARM is of the opinion that specific crimes are activities that are protected through our present ‘Human Rights and Invasion of Privacy’, we will identify these areas and systematically eradicate these crimes.
Children, Women, Elders, Road Users, Farmers & all South Africans, you and your assets will be protected.

DRUGS will not be tolerated by ARM, we will follow and implement some of the worlds severest punishment for any person arrested.
ARM will consider legalizing/de-criminalizing dagga under certain controlled circumstances.

Corruption is not Africanist, and will be severely punished.
Corruption is a crime against humanity, a crime against Ubuntu, a crime against every individual in our country as the money involved is a our cost, and causes our Economies to deteriorate, whether through the private sector, or the state departments.
Any official alleged to be involved in fraud / corruption will be summarily dismissed and criminally charged. Any private individual / business involved in any official fraud / corruption will be charged and the contract summarily cancelled.

ARM will appoint the best person for the job, ‘cadre deployment’ will be considered a form of corruption and punished accordingly.
ARM will employ the best person for the job in the State services, irrespective of race, creed, gender or political persuasion. 20 years into the New Democracy we will use the power of our vote, to ensure that our children received the best education and that we do not have sewerage floating down our streets.

ARM supports the Traditional Leader structures in our country, and will integrate the Leadership structures into the development of the rural areas.
ARM will ensure that all cultures, traditions and languages are protected.
ARM will enter into discussion with the various Afrikaner and other minority groups, seeking to secure self-determination for their people, with the view to giving them the same opportunity that our other cultural groups have.

ARM will recruit 66.6% of the electorate to achieve these principles, and off this base. Education, Employment, Health, Housing, ‘Economic Freedom’ is a given:

The Language we talk here is going to be challenging to most of us.
Our policies will conflict with many accepted PC norms, we will spread, Umshoshaphantsi, we will regenerate our country through the majority vote in 2014:

The rich are getting richer; & the poor are getting poorer:
I am not an economist, and this concept meant nothing to me a few years back, all I saw was that a few people are exceptionally rich, & many people are very poor.
But it is much deeper than that, we have 2 very defined economies that are drifting further apart.

A young Nigerian lady, of the Igbo Tribe once told me that we are the SAME, the only difference is the level of abuse and restriction that many groups suffered.
The Igbo were hardly disadvantaged, and as a group they are as developed as the whites. This was Anton Lembede’s philosophy pre-1947.

In South Africa the Xhosa were the chosen group by the English, the English built them schools, a University, and taught them to play Rugby, Cricket. Soccer, before the Afrikaner ever played sport.
If it was not for the 1909 Union Act, and the 1913 Land Act, and the subsequent restrictive legislation, they would be EQUAL to whites.
The English feared the Zulu, they defeated them, separated them into small groups, distributed in a manner that created long-term conflict over land, did not build schools, brought Welsh into the country to learn their language, and all employers spoke a form of Zulu that kept the Zulu oppressed, never having to learn English to find employment.

Can we be EQUAL??
I, Cedric de la Harpe, who matriculated without University entrance, was able to develop skills and become ‘street-wise’, thanks to the space I was allowed, due to the restrictions placed on the majority of your fathers and grand-fathers.
The abuse suffered, as seen by those that can see, has the greatest impact on our society, the lack of opportunity and the restrictions placed on our black people in general, leaves equality far behind.
We can all be equal, we need to interact and help each other, we need to be aware that our attitude to life, our self-respect, our responsibility, and the need to sacrifice, in order to become ‘street-wise’ will ensure total equality.

South Africa’s two very separate economies:
The Capitalist economy, the previously white / elite economy, and the socialist economy, the black informal economy.

Ownership of property is directly linked to the Capitalist economy.
The 1913 Land Act restricted Black people from ownership of property.

If you did not own property, you were not part of that economy, in South Africa we have the majority of our people in the socialist category.

Today, they would be:

04-14-2013 05:54 AM
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