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Open letter to the President:
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Open letter to the President:
Dear Mr. President,

In 1994 I was charged for racist actions directly related to the abuse of black people. I pleaded guilty, assuming a suspended sentence with a probation period no more than five, maybe ten years.
As part of the plea-bargain, I accepted the BEE and EE restrictions as initially outlined, how-ever the subsequent interpretations of the definitions originally presented differ considerably.
During the past eighteen years, I have structured four different partnerships, where the Black and Female Shareholders consisted of 75% of the business, we tendered regularly, our tender prices were always lower, yet the Tenders were always awarded to those who were connected, resulting in unanticipated punishment.
During the past eight years, I have attended ‘Racist Anonymous’ and believe that I am in a healthy state of recovery, very focussed on not transgressing again.
Having completed eighteen years of what appears to be an undetermined sentence, I hereby make application for clemency, seeking relief from the terms and conditions imposed as part of my parole.
Mr. President, the healing talks that we have at “Racist Anonymous’, the voices of those blacks and whites that are complaining through various forms of social media, are obviously not heard in the corridors of Parliament, influenced mainly by the support that the wealthy business community give to your advisors on the Golf Course, the Country Club, or the lavish parties that we only read about. I have monitored your Ministers various/numerous efforts to create employment, to bring economic relief to the unemployed poverty groups in the country, but many of your much intended good initiatives, are not reaching the target groups.
A superior white, guilty of racism by admission, I am embarrassed that I allowed myself to be trapped in a state of limbo, waiting for the ‘Sun-Set’ clause to free me and others. As I prepared this application for clemency, I researched all aspects of the economy, attempting to identify all the Empowerment policies, intended or unintended, that were contributing to the ongoing term of my punishment.
For the first time my mind allows me to see, I realize that the ‘Sun-Set Clause’ is nothing but a figment of my imagination, why Sir, have you not freed the slaves who voted for you, from the Economic Restrictions that were imposed on them from 1652?
In the post 1994 euphoria we have all failed to see that the established ‘Formal Economic Powers’ still see the black people strictly as a source of cheap labour. Due to labour legislation and resulting problems, they have mechanized more and more, and no longer invest in manufacturing or labour intensive operations. Fifteen years ago, the labour broker was introduced by the small operator to avoid the extended Industry Agreements, the small operator was forced out by the major operators, who duly adopted the labour broker system to increase profits.
Following the transition, the Minister of Safety and Security appointed the Security Officers Interim Board, tasked with the drafting regulations aimed at integrating the previously disadvantaged. A reliable source within the S.O.I.B. opposed the restrictive attitude aimed at keeping the Industry white, although your links would deny this, while also denying their intention to protect the interests of the existing Industry Leaders.
Except for the Security Operators who are involved in the Tender process, all other small businesses were pressurized out of the market place. Eighty percent of the Security Industry could have been transferred into the black SMME’s, but for the regulation and the attached punishment meted out by the kangaroo courts.
Mr. President, in ‘Racist Anonymous’ we discuss the issues around these formal restrictions with great vigour, complemented only with the level of animosity we achieve when we discuss the need to remove the level of increased restrictive control over the sector that is defined as “Informal”.
If my fellow parolees, suffering from the policy restrictions, fail to see the need for us as a country to free the Informal Traders from the Colonization/Apartheid restrictive control measures, then, is this why your advisors have failed you?
This country can develop sustainable employment, we can open the gates to Africa’s economy, we could leave a South Africa legacy for the generations to come, all we need to do is free the Informal Trader, the Hawker, the Spaza shop owner, the Shebeen owner, the Taxi Industry, the local Butcher, the local Pharmacy, the Back-Street Mechanic/Manufacturer, the Home Baker/Take-away/Dress-maker, the Students, the Youth, the Unemployed.
This sector may not be in control of our Country’s wealth, but they do carry the majority number of votes. If we are able to find a solution that will allow my fellow parolees to obtain clemency through the participation, in a defined commitment, to assist in the development of this groups potential, we will lead the world as a development country with Economic Freedom for all.
How do I obtain clemency, how do we all obtain clemency, how do we free ourselves and all who still have not tasted Economic Freedom?

Yours faithfully

Cedric de la Harpe

Rehabilitated Member; "Racist Anonymous"

10-30-2012 11:06 AM
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Rainbow RE: Open letter to the President:
May I copy and post this with your credencials/link in the " Rainbow Nation " Cedric??
01-12-2013 03:19 PM
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