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Option 1 or Option 2??
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Option 1 or Option 2??
For years, as a white South African I have published hundreds of pages talking reconciliation, social cohesion, and, the threat of a revolution.

On the 6th April 2010, we launched the Directly Empowering Black Townships and Rural Areas, based on our understanding that the White South Africans, through the privilege of living through a period where they were advantaged, had the opportunity, as a group, to develop skills that few other groups throughout the world had, have a responsibility, no rather a DEBT, to our society, where we need to ‘Transfer’ these skills to our communities that we isolated and restricted during the past 300 years.

The murder of the AWB leader on the 3rd April 2010, caused the families of the six participants that we had recruited to be our first contributors, to instruct them to withdraw.

The media preferred to ignore this initiative, and a Carte Blanche program researcher, after listening to a brief introduction to the DEBT initiative, corrected me and told me not to use the term “WHITE”, and I should not say that white people have a DEBT / Responsibility to society, but I must use the term, “WE” all have a responsibility.

When I insisted that it can only succeed if we can get whites to participate, I was told that he media would not cover me unless I placed the responsibility on “WE & ALL”. When I tried to explain that it is a white issues, not a "we & all" issue, she put the phone down on me.

My first manuscript, “If you don’t like it here, Leave”, motivates why we believe Whites have an responsibility, and this manuscript was ignored by all.

Our greatest challenge was that lack of this message coming out of the black and previously disadvantaged community. The South African whites all have black confidants that would bend the truth, to maintain the relationship with the white.

This morning, 1st January 2013, in a discussion on facebook with Tshepo Ramatlo, about the NDP, he expresses pretty much the need for white South Africans to do what the media wishes to ignore:

I'm of the view that any government program that seeks to nurse the whims of business, especially in a country that has our sort of divided and exploitative economic history, is likely to fall short of its target...Government has to assume greater power than business, to meet its societal mandate. The African people of a country called South Africa and indeed, the rest of the African continent have been coerced into a western way of living and earning.
In order for there to be a socially coherent society in South Africa. I see two outcomes being possible.

The first one,

White people should go out of their way to share their knowledge of this western world and work hard to ensure that a fair distribution of opportunities for all citizens of South Africa is possible, that will be a true reconciliation gesture...
I mean, quality education for all, equal ownership of the land etc Since the first outcome has been shown to have fallen short, through successive ANC governments (I mean, these people have failed either to convince the wrongly privileged white society of their benefits in going with the first outcome or they are, for some reason, afraid of telling them to share)...

The second one:

Well, then the other outcome is to have Africans revolt against the status quo and repossess the money / currency yielding properties ill gotten by the white monopolizers and do what they see fit for their greater good. Capitalists need government to create conducive conditions to make their business practices achievable, then why do we find it hard to understand that poor should demand the same treatment from a government...

"It is alright to tell a man to pull himself with his own boot straps, but it's a cruel jest to tell a man pull himself up with the straps of his boots if he has no boots". Dr. Martin Luther King

If the NDP keeps this failed line of thinking, they won't be any social cohesion.

This is a serious call for Reconciliation to take place, and note that Tshepo considers reconciliation as our first option, I trust that White South African’s consider this option to be the preferable, and respond accordingly.

Reconciliation or Revolution????

Come South Africa, let us wake up to the call before it is too late.

Cedric de la Harpe.

01-08-2014 08:58 AM
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