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Washing of Spears
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Washing of Spears
Time for the washing of the spears:
Uku gezwa kwe Mikhonto

In Zulu culture the ‘washing of the spears’ takes place after a war between two groups. We are criticized when we talk the Zulu Culture; not everyone is Zulu, and not everyone believes in the Zulu Culture. I am white, although my white friends are starting to doubt me, but it is not difficult to understand the concept of the Zulu Culture’s ‘washing of the spears’, I understand the power of what can be achieved, so we invite you to open your minds.
The Zulus have two very distinct approaches to this settlement; firstly, if the victor has no further need to continue the relationship with the conquered, then they wash their own spears. Secondly, if they intend to continue with a relationship with the conquered, then they ‘wash their spears together’.
In the event of ‘washing the spears together’ the two groups look at the damage done to both groups, and discuss the rehabilitation of the damage done to both communities, and then put plans to rehabilitate the damage in place.
Of greatest importance to the process is that you, whether you are the conquered or the conqueror, to assist in rehabilitating the damage to the other party, takes place in the other parties home, and all participants contribute to the process.
The importance of ‘washing the spears’ is that, if they are not washed, whether in the first option where they are done on your own, or secondly, with the other party, then there is still blood on the spears. While there is still blood on the spears, the conflict and the type of conflict will recur.
My Zulu brothers will believe that those who died in the conflict do not become aware that the battle is over unless the spears are washed, during this celebration process they are told by their own living relatives that the struggle is over, if not, they will not know that the conflict has ended, and they will use whoever is available to them to continue with the battle.
We can assure all our white brothers and sisters that the completion of the ‘washing of the spears’ process allows you to enter a world where you will experience peace, a world that is proudly African, typical of your experience when you travel into other parts of Africa. We are not sure whether Western Culture is skilled at making peace between groups that need to go forward together; our black brothers and sisters have shown us the way.

Western Culture tends to look at a budget and provide money towards a community rehabilitating their damage; this took place in the Treaty of Vereeniging; and I think it failed. Much of the 1948 to 1994 period was driven by the failure of the Treaty of Vereeniging to build a Union of South Africa that provided for English, Afrikaans and our Black groups.

Much of the driving force by the Nationalist Party was to recover the damage that the Afrikaner felt following that treaty, striving to achieve their own Republic, and avoiding the possibility of ever being conquered again.
Yes, if you have taken note of the rumblings and the warnings, stop the whinging and expecting the ANC to fix the problems, the problem is too big for any government to fix without our support. Even if a white government came into power today, they would not achieve peace without the ‘washing of spears’; without our Township and Rural village communities.
Let us take Nelson Mandela’s achievements forward as individuals, as groups, let us extend our hands to all, let us bring the two cages closer together, let us make peace, peace with one another, peace with the past, and let us go forward in peace and achieve a South African heritage of which we will be proud.
It is time for the washing of spears.
Uku gezwa kwe Mikhonto.
The End

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Reconciliation Day


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