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As we give thought and advice to the world on 1st December, International Aids day, let us look at how we economically empower our communities through he health sector??

Where this Economic Freedom Charter is focussed on encouraging changes in the the attitude of the large private sector participants, Health and Education requires political intervention.

The ANC may fear that they will loose votes by taking this direction, but here we need the numbers who will contribute towards the Economic Freedom Charter to drive the future political thinking:

1: Private Hospital vs State Facilities:

There was a time when this umlunghu used to tell his wife that she must send him to the Baragwanath hospital is he ever was admitted.
After watching numerous black friends die in State hospitals I will rather commit suicide than be admitted to a State Hospital.

That said, how do we improve the conditions in the state hospitals for the patients, hospital staff, and our country?

a: Workman’s Compensation Insurance:

This is a state driven compulsory insurance/tax to protect the employee who is injured on duty.

Presently all such cases are referred to and treated in the Private Hospital sector:
These cases should be treated in the State Hospital structures.

Why enrich the the Private practice facilities, making the rich richer, and through the lack of this financial support to the State Hospitals, our still disadvantaged communities need to use unsatisfactory facilities.

b: Awaiting trial and other prisoners:

Today if an alleged criminal is shot by the police, they will be treated in a Private Hospital, while the person that they may have savagely attacked, is left to die in a state hospital due to lack of insurance.

Unless this criminal covers his/her own costs in the Private Hospital, we must not fund their treatment.

c: Government, National, Provincial, & Local:

All state employee medical-aid benefits should be linked to the use of State facilities.
This includes the use for all Politicians.
Military Hospitals & the treatment, should be at a level where our President will receive the best treatment in the country.


The funds from these sources and the use of these sectors in the state hospital facilities will, in a very short time drastically improve the state hospitals.

Every person who makes use of these facilities will also have some contribution towards improved dignity and self-esteem.

Cedric de la Harpe:

12-01-2012 02:26 PM
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Cedric Offline

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All state hospitals in the western cape is a complete failure;peolple basically are admitted in2 these institutions to die;Simple solutions are overlooked,open our nursing training college's, train people with the intention to export them,but because our leaders don't use these institutions, they never fix it; make nursing, trades and other skills available to the masses; personally i know 2people who was admitted TO ST JOOSTE HOSPITAL and pass away, karl bremmer,tygerberg is the worse, delft clinic my best friend passed away there, because of poverty.People die purely because they are poor and cannot afford better health services;
Our state hospitals is in crisis nobody cares. Our clinics is also in crisis. In elsies river clinick a young man pass away because of an epileptic attack, that is how bad our hospitals are.

Our government refused to educate and train our people; This is the real picture of the hospitals in the western cape. U must do a research how may people past away in state hospitals vs how many people past away in private hospitals. The solutions to all these challenges is simple, educate the nation and create an oversupply of nurses and skills, afterall we are a nation of the unemployed.

Cedrick i am sure you can make a difference. Use your influenced to heal and bring hope to the hopeless.Comrade Vavi have attempt to do it, it nearly cost him,his political career. At the moment their are very few comrades like Comrade Vavi. Chris Hani did not want to serve in government, to call government to account.
I do not blame the youngman COMRADE JULUIS MALEMA for his shortcomings, he did exactly what our senior leaders are doing, only he standup against the wrong person and therefor risk his political career. I love JULUIS MALEMA for his openness. With more training and guidance he will be a superb leader.

The only thing JULUIS MALEMA must abandon is his hatred towards european africans I acknowlegde we need the european africans and they need us. We cannot ignore their skills they acquired during the dark days of our land.
You are prepared to share it with the masses.
Thank you Cedrick. There is very few like you.

Regards comrade norman

12-01-2012 05:07 PM
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This concept is a must.

It may prevent all the corruption that the system is involved in through the process of purchasing from their own companies.

One politician having to watch his family member die in the State hospital in the condition that they are in at the moment, will never allow the corruption to take place in the hospital again.

12-03-2012 06:33 AM
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