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Understanding a Racist? - Cedric - 12-03-2012 03:00 PM

First Posted in Jeremiah 5:21 on June 5, 2012

Long before our new democracy I considered myself to be ‘not racist’.
“I hate being called a racist, ……….”   Join the group.
My wife Nettie and I first visit Soweto in July 2004, by 2006 I write my first manuscript, “Living on the wrong side of the track” proud of just how much I have changed, just how much I understand the black community. Here I need to define the black community, it is the community that is still disadvantaged, mainly trapped in the Townships and Rural areas, a community that I refer to as the Black Cage. All others belong to the White Cage.
By March 2007, the Umlungu, entrenched in the Black Cage, he who considers himself to be an AFRICAN, has an experience in Kliptown that shakes him and opens his eyes to the fact that nothing has changed in our country.
For the first time I am able to talk openly about the fact that sport, culture, and  recreation in the Township is dead. No child plays ‘structured soccer’ in the Township, by early 2008 I give Mr. Tim Modisie of the 2010 SWC LOC my forecast that Bafana Bafana will never qualify for the SWC again, unless we re-introduce soccer into the Township schools on a structured basis.
Poor Pitso Mosimane, he has paid the price for all of us who “can’t hear” who drive through the Townships and “can’t see”.
We establish the 2010 Sports Challenge Foundation, see and while working with the youth, Touch Rugby, Planting Vegetables, doing Life-skills development, we learn from the youth.
We start to hear, and we start to see.
We understand the anger, the animosity towards the whites, I write one factual manuscript, “If you don’t like it, Leave” then, as even my family do not want to see or hear the truth that I am trying to reflect in that manuscript, I need to write fiction, “Jeremiah 5:21″  >> ‘they have eyes, and see not’ ‘they have ears and hear not’, taking the conflict and anger that we are afraid to rationally discuss into another world.

These manuscripts may not reach your eyes or ears, but they have changed me. I no longer mind being called a racist, I understand the origins for these attacks. Attacks that normally originate from the realms of the white cage, both black (mainly) and white participants.
Today, when in serious discussion in the black cage, I can be honest and brand myself a racist, as I discuss my thought process. But within the Black Cage they will smile, tell me they understand why I feel that I am a racist, but my attitude reflects that I am the opposite to what they understand as a racist.
Where I interact in the Township, many will joke that I am not white, yet, I will not be branding myself as AFRICAN again till I am ready.
For my white brothers who are hurting by reverse racism, I am still not sure whether racism can be reversed.