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Please help to find solutions: - Cedric - 12-01-2012 08:56 AM

Hi Cedric
On a daily basis i have to deal with europeans that refused to  acknowledge the immense  damage apartheid has course at all  levels of the underprivileged  community,one see the so called white schools now classified as model c schools one realized the    gap between TOWNSHIP SCHOOLS and model c schools. my party the ANC thus far only restored my dignity as a human being.Currently my Party the ANC refused to upgrade our gutter education,hence we have to make used of model c schools only if u can afford it,and u must give an address in the area otherwise the white schools refused  our  children entry to their schools.
Currently my hope is on people such as comrade Vavi and others like him to remind our comrades that,completely forgot about us.Why my party the ANC did not upgrade our education to the  white   apartheid education is a mystery.White apartheid education was the best education,the only bad thing it was for whites only.It produces,professors,pilots,the best nurses,engineers and many other professions.
These professions compared well with the rest   of the world;
Please help us to find solutions moving forward.
Regards comrade norman.

RE: Please help to find solutions: - Cedric - 12-01-2012 10:57 AM

A second post by Norman:

Currently many of our fellow european africans act today as if all of us are equals' disregarding the historical past,that rob all non europeans of  their dignity and many other civil liberties.Personally i would love to see white schools,starting to share their resources  with disadvantage schools;
Our schools have no labs, no libraries and many other shortfalls; Generally the white schools protect their privileges, marginalizing those that are even prepared to pay their fees upfront.
Cedric your act of ubunthu and want to assist other less fortunate south africans in a real manner is thought provoking and most certainly welcoming when our own leaders have abandon us.The ANC policies is everything the freedom charter envisage,but i think our current leaders fail to implement it.My party the ANC is only pro poor on paper,but serve and protect  the rich and the super rich.
The rich people and previously privileged people must be very happy with my party  the ANC.Their properties prices skyrocketed.Their privileges was well protected by my party the ANC.           
The poor and under privileged communities is worse off than 18years ago; To prove this ask our ministers to make used of our public hospitals or public  schools.
I still believe our ministers must make used of public schools or hospitals as far as humanly possible or at-least the minister of education must send his children to public schools or the health minister must make use of public hospitals.