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The Invitation to Participate: - Cedric - 10-29-2012 06:34 PM


Economic Freedom Charter; by the people, for the people.

Recruiting one million South African citizens to participate in contributing to a Charter that will give all South Africans economic freedom and the country’s economy ‘stability’.

Through this movement we wish to establish the platform for people to talk directly about the solutions to our problem.

Off this basis we can find solutions to our unemployment, education and rampant crime, we can contribute towards improved service delivery and housing back-logs.
We will take our leader's peace initiatives into the lowest level community, and repair the damage done to all of us.

Our target date for completion is 19th June 2013.

Our commitment to communicating around the issues outlined in this document, and any that you may wish to add, will make the difference.

This Charter reflects my personal experiences over 28 years, and Township talk over the past five years.

We have invited leader’s of various economic and community sectors to contribute to the mapping of this Charter, you will notice their contributions as they change my initial thinking.

As this movement takes ‘route’ through our Country, the political face will change, if the existing Political Structures have policies that will not allow the transition, we will be looking at a new movement to take us forward.

Join us as we take our New Democracy to a new level, one where we will find social cohesion and economic stability, resulting in growth and improved credit ratings. 

Mapped by:    Cedric de la Harpe.    082 565 2520
Date:        1 August 2006                  Latest Revision Date:  31 October 2012

RE: The Invitation to Participate: - Jebo - 11-01-2012 08:03 AM

Let's hope that there will be a lot of discussions, talk, honesty and true feelings on this board Cedric!! It's looking good!

RE: The Invitation to Participate: - Cedric - 11-01-2012 08:25 AM

Thank you, I have had 200 views on my first introduction through twitter yesterday, I am going to keep releasing activities on a regular basis. The entire map will be found on this site, but do not expect people to read the 46 posts in one hit, little by little.